Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Finding new awesome discoveries? stories? Here are some that can catch your attention. You will think that in a wild mind of a person theres something really fantastic came out.First is the Neurocam, its is a camera that captures the pictures that fascinates you. Smartphones are use as the storage medium, camera and the brain of the neurocam. It detects electrical activity in the wearers brain and allows the neurocam to detect the things that captures you. It also produce GIF images for reviews and the most awesome thing you can do with it is to manually change the settings according to what you want. Another new trend was discovered by ThumbTrack. It was the ergonomic touch ring that allows you to navigate and select in your computers. It enables you to work in your comfortable body posture while working.It is most likely the alternative way in using the mouse! Just like the mouse it can also do the switch on and off function and it can also do the scrolling. That was some of the new trends and discoveries in the Tech world.


  1. Hi Mary, I found this blog through another blog that you commented on a few days ago. So I decided to check it out and actually search up a video in youtube to learn more about this Neurocam.


    After watching that video, I could only imagine what people would actually use it for LOL. Capture some weird fetish of their own and share it on youtube channels. That is going to be interesting to see if it hits the market. :D

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